System Mania

In System Mania, you help Fiona realize her dream of running her very own fix-it shop. This fast paced Time Management game has Fiona Keeping over 80 crazy machines running smoothly by quickly turning their red warning lights off. Each machine is made up of various fun and wacky controls such as cranks, pull cords, guitar strings, egg timers, gearsticks and even a TV game system complete with its own joystick. Be quick or the whole thing will go up in smoke!

  • Exciting game play.
  • Fast paced action.
  • Various machines to fix.

System Mania screenshots.
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System Mania screenshot
System Mania screenshot
System Mania screenshot

System Mania is free to download and play. After you download System Mania you have 1 trial hour to decide whether you like it or not. You can buy System Mania online right away, instantly and securely.

Help Fiona sort these madcap machines out by using a variety of mouse-driven controls in this great Time Management game.

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